KCD new board installation 2019 & Christmas Party for Children from MSO Community

The fun-filled event saw a meaningful installation touching over 150 children’s hearts & tummy

Cheras, 14th December 2019 – Children from MSO is not unfamiliar with KCD and this is not the first party organized for them. But what is special this time round is the party is held at McDonalds! And there’s an installation to attend!

As many as 150 children woke up early and got ready for the party. All dressed up to attend KCD’s 2019 board installation and Christmas party.

KCD members on the other hand had been arranging for transport amongst the members so that these children can be chauffeured to McDonalds which is not too far away. And no party is a Christmas party without presents and goodie bags.  For days the members were also busy preparing goodie bags and have also ordered a sumptuous McDonald’s meal for them.

Some Kiwanians arrived early to decorate the party area and got all the goodie bags lined up for the presentation later.  Another group were on their way to MSO to pick up the children. 

Children and members from MSO arrived simultaneously and the party commenced with the installation. Guest of Honor Lieutenant Governor of Division 5, Simon Soo was in attendance together with Governor of Kiwanis Malaysia, Dr Laurence Lim, KCD President Tom Tung and incoming President Michael Tan plus a number of other KCD members and also some guests from KCKlang. 

After pinning the team, everyone was treated to a sumptuous McD meal and ice-cream for dessert.  Kicking off the party, incoming President Michael quickly set the sound system right and took his guitar to the front to start the music rolling. A group of children who are familiar with Christmas carols came to the front to join him. The merry making continued for over an hour until its time for goodie bags presentation. The children were awed with the heavy bag that consisted of sweets, chocolates and toys. Each took home with them not only a heavy goodie bag and a full tummy, but also memorable moments where Christmas is celebrated with much love and excitement.