The pandemic has now spread to nearly 200 countries and South Sudan, in northeastern Africa, is no exception. The Juba Chapter of the Kiwanis Club of Damansara has been up to the challenge. With their limited capacity, these Kiwanians have taken on the task of protecting the vulnerable children in one of the largest orphanages in Juba. The Divine Mercy Orphanage houses 90 boys ages 7 to 17, orphaned by a bitterly fought civil war.

In the past month, the chapter had organized training sessions for the boys and the staff on proper hygiene. They also distributed masks, sanitizers, and soap. This is on top of their regular delivery of food supplies. During their last visit, our Kiwanians also donated bedsheets and mosquito nets.

The country severely lacks the medical equipment needed to care for the ones who fall sick from the virus. Their only chance of preventing a catastrophe is through aggressive prevention. So far there are only two known cases and these have been isolated.