COVID19 is pressing even harder on many less privileged this year. If we thought 2020 was bad, 2021 seems to be worst for many.

Recently MSO (Myanmar Refugee Home) located in Cheras requested KCD for some food as many of the families there have not been getting an income since the recent MCO. KCD President Michael Tan and past Governor Dr Laurence Lim very quickly organized a list of essentials for the families there.

Dr Laurence with his good connection managed to speak to Sri Ternak and within a day all items were sorted. Michael follow suit with the arrangements and was personally present to present rice, cooking oil and etc to the family of 115 there.

‘It’s a small gesture from KCD. A little help matters, like the saying goes. We are more than happy to render assistance during these challenging times to those in need. Besides, MSO is very close to our hearts as we have been supporting them for over 13 years now. We are looking forward to helping more people during this period through the White Flag program organized by Kiwanis Malaysia,’ says Michael.

Sang Bik the person in charge at MSO made arrangements for all the families to collect the items under strict SOP at the MSO class room. It was a relieve for them and they thanked KCD for helping them during these hard times.

If you wish to donate to MSO, please contact Maria at 0133913940.